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Monday 6 November 2023

Jonstown Jottings #83: Eurmal’s Truth

Much like the Miskatonic Repository for Call of Cthulhu, Seventh Edition, the Jonstown Compendium is a curated platform for user-made content, but for material set in Greg Stafford’s mythic universe of Glorantha. It enables creators to sell their own original content for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, 13th Age Glorantha, and HeroQuest Glorantha (Questworlds). This can include original scenarios, background material, cults, mythology, details of NPCs and monsters, and so on, but none of this content should be considered to be ‘canon’, but rather fall under ‘Your Glorantha Will Vary’. This means that there is still scope for the authors to create interesting and useful content that others can bring to their Glorantha-set campaigns.


What is it?
Eurmal’s Truth is a scenario for use with RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha which presents a simple, straightforward plot outline that the Game Master can run and prepare for a single session’s worth of play.

It is a two page, full colour 257.16 KB PDF.

The layout is tidy, the artwork rough, but serviceable. It does need an edit.

The scenario is can be easily be adapted to the rules system of the Game Master’s choice.

Where is it set?
As written, Eurmal’s Truth takes in the lands of any clan of the Locaem tribe, specifically beginning at Salvi Top. However, with some adjustment, the scenario can be placed anywhere where the presence of Eurmali is accepted and has been under the occupation of the Lunar Empire.

Who do you play?
Eurmal’s Truth does not require any specific character type. Worshippers of Eurmal are not required, but a shaman could be useful.

What do you need?
Eurmal’s Truth requires RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha only. However, The Book of Red Magic and both Cults of RuneQuest: The Lightbringers and Cults of RuneQuest: The Earth Goddesses may be useful for the cult connections.

What do you get?
Eurmal’s Truth is a murder mystery. Not so much a ‘whodunnit’ as a ‘didtheydoit’. Just as respected priest is about to acclaim the new King of the Locaem, an Eurmali, a member of the local clown society, not only accuses him of murder, but gives the location of the body too. With such a claim hanging over his head, the acclamation cannot be made, the priest’s status is in doubt, and his family is affronted. This situation must be sorted out, the priest’s guilt or innocence verified, and the accusing Eurmali proven to be either a lie or telling the truth. Fortunately, the Eurmali knows where the body is and the Player Characters are passing by—and as a neutral party with no interest in local politics or events, are requested to investigate.

The plot really has two strands. Determining whether the priest is guilty or not and once determined, what the Player Characters do with the information. The priest’s family have an interest, in particular, in ensuring that he continues to hold such an important position and role in the clan. The scenario details both the site of the ‘possible’ body dump and gives suggestions as to possible consequences of what the Player Characters discover and what they do with the information.

The scenario does require some development upon the part of the Game Master. She will need to create and develop some NPCs, in particular, the Eurmali accompanying the Player Characters and the members of the tribal ring and the priest’s family. Stats may also be required depending upon the actions of the Player Characters. This is not a criticism of Eurmal’s Truth, since there is only so much that can be packed into even a detailed, two-page scenario outline.

Eurmal’s Truth is short, simple, and to the point. It is easy to prepare and run, and it is easy to slot into an ongoing campaign, especially if the Player Characters are travelling somewhere or the Game Master wants a short interlude or side quest or there are fewer players in the group than normal.

More scenarios in this format this would be a welcome addition to the
the Jonstown Compendium.

Also, the alternative title, ‘The Bear Facts’ would have worked.

Is it worth your time?
YesEurmal’s Truth is a short, sharp, sweet plot that the Game Master can quickly prepare and drop into her campaign.
NoEurmal’s Truth involves those irritating buggers, the Eurmali, and anyway the Game Master’s campaign is not set in Sartar.
MaybeEurmal’s Truth does involve the Eurmali and not everyone is comfortable with the tricksters in play, but here the scenario plays up to their nature as a disruptive force for good.

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