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Sunday 20 June 2010

Tell Us About The Freebies

If you have been wondering why there has been no review this week, it is because I have been busy writing reviews for elsewhere. As many of you know, yesterday was Free RPG Day, an annual event that works to bring gamers new QuickStart Rules and other support for their favourite RPGs and forthcoming RPGs to their local gaming stores. I managed to get hold of many of the titles available a little early this year with the view to reviewing many of them ahead of time. Which I managed to do, just.

If you check out RPG.net this last week you will find reviews of several of the titles that were available yesterday. These include Deathwatch: Final Sanction, Legends of the Five Rings: Legacy of Disaster, and Dark Sun: Bloodsand Arena amongst various others.

Of course, the one title that I could not review is Age of Cthulhu: Abominations of the Amazon, seeing as how I edited this booklet. This is my first piece of editing to see actual publication in print.

I hope that you managed to get out and pick up something nice yesterday. If you did, let me know. If you picked up a copy of Age of Cthulhu: Abominations of the Amazon, then let me know about that too. Tell me what you think.

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